We welcome you to the warm home of Diosians in the heart of inland empire in Ontario, California.  We are so excited that you are visiting our website today, this is a very special time in the history of our church, and we are delighted you made time out of your schedule to bless the Lord with us.

We know and believe that “Mission Is Possible”.  We go to interesting places around the world, but our mission work is not typical, we focus on three stages:

Elementary mission work – within us

Intermediate mission work – around us.

Advance mission work – the uttermost parts of the world

Elementary mission work caters to the needs of the Diosians and their immediate family members.  This includes “Mission Is Possible” (MIP) – Mentoring our youth to successfully graduate from high schools and gain entry into colleges by providing college counseling.

Intermediate mission work centers around us, an example of this is our “Health Day” for the under 5’s and their families, monthly trips to Tijuana, Mexico for medical mission, mentorship partnership, Academic Excellence Summit, literacy programs for the under 5’s, and mission resource centers referral and training.

Advanced mission work reaches the uttermost parts of the world.  This is just about wherever your imagination can take you.  Our advance mission work has reached Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Belize, Central African Republic, Mexico, Uganda, Nigeria and many nations across the globe.  This includes shipping medical supplies, office supplies, toys, Bibles, school supplies; supporting local pastors; providing basic necessities such as electricity, water etc., establishing elementary schools and covering staff salaries; and many more.  We are currently sponsoring a high school in Nigeria, and providing support for college preparation and scholarships.  Elenusonso community high school is grateful for any support.

We interact with pastors, prime ministers, school superintendents, consular general, mayors etc., – that is, individuals, local, state and federal government.

The above gives a flavor of some of the outreaches we engage in as missionaries, you can see that there is more to our call as missionaries than the general perception.  We are so fulfilled in what we do, in that, while we are reaching out to others, we are being blessed likewise – this is a very rewarding experience, and we hope you will consider partnering with us at any level.  Some of our partners/sponsors include individuals, corporate entities, churches, city councils, community businesses, and many more.

If you do not have a home-church, you may consider being part of the Diosian family, we have various ministries and programs that will meet your specific needs.

Once again, from our warm Diosian hearts, we say THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT, and we hope you will visit us again.  Please check our Facebook, and like us @dioschurch.  Thank you, and God bless you richly (Amen)

Pastors Oluwabukola & Francesca Fajinmi

Senior Pastor and First-lady


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