It is with great joy that we share our mission work with you.  The work is so fulfilling in that, we see the result of our work in the faces of our recipients.  It gives us so much joy, when our recipients are being blessed, and their lives are transformed. 

We have touched the lives of many all over the globe – our pillars of operation is worldwide evangelism, discipleship, caregiving and multiplication of growing churches. 

Thus, all our mission work is tied to this four areas –


  1. Bringing people to Christ and supporting pastors and Churches

  2. Providing tools and resources for discipleship

  3. Care-giving focus on education, health and social services

  4. And planting as many churches as the Lord give us grace


Our mission work is split in three phases locally and internationally:


Elementary mission work – within us

Intermediate mission work – around us

Advance mission work – the uttermost parts of the world




This is one of the most exciting of our advanced missionary work so far.  Some of our advance work includes countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and others.  The MIP-Belize was birthed as a result of the severe hurricane that hit Belize in the summer.  Many of the villages were cut off from the cities, because the  major connecting bridge was almost swept away completely.  When the news broke, we embarked on our mission.

We started sourcing for appropriate items for such a disaster.  Our focus was food, but as we started to gather, we realized that we can not get enough to meet this need.  In the process, the Lord opened some doors through some of our corporate sponsors to receive medical supplies.  We knew this was the Lord’s doing because we received enough to cover all the hospitals in Belize.  We also shipped bonus items – school supplies, toys, Bibles and other miscellaneous items.  Our Missions Director – commented “Pastor, I can’t wait to see the smile on the faces of the people – you have no idea how expensive the items are, and how they are so badly needed in Belize, thank you so much.  Oh by the way, we need to get to Haiti – we are getting requests for help…….”.

The population of Belize in Belize is less than 1/2 a million, and shockingly, Belize is one of the top ten poorest countries in Central America – thus we can do much to help this poor nation.  We covet much prayers and much support.  If the Lord lays the burden of this wonderful people in your heart – join us for this mission, either in person, financially or prayerfully.  You will never regret your decision




Our 1st missionary trip to Kenya was in 2001, although prior to that, we supported various pastors in many ways.  Some of our current projects in Kenya includes Church planting, working with our Coordinator in Kenya to establish a mobile Church for the Massai brethren.  The nomadic nature of the traditional Massai brethren has created a great opportunity for us to do mission work.  The weather dictates the movement of the animals, which ultimately directs the next move of the people.

Our missionary effort includes supporting the Massai Church, supporting an orphanage with children ranging from ages 3 through 15; supporting an elementary school, responding to the needs created as a result of natural disaster such as draught, supporting local pastors and many more.

We hope you will have an opportunity to go to Kenya with us – your life will never be the same again.  If you can not go with us, your financial and spiritual support will go a long way in sustaining this effort.  There is great needs among the Massai brethren and the orphanage.  We are hoping to build a well, this will reduce the severity of the draught impact – any assistance you can provide is appreciated by this brethren of great and rich culture.




Ghana was our first international missionary trip.  In addition to helping local pastors, we purchased a 10 acre land, sponsored students to attend elementary school, paid and installed a principal, purchased a fishing net to support a local community as a means of economic sustenance.  The Afram Plains community rotates the use of the fishing net from one family to the other.  You can join us as we continue the work