The Man & The Call


The Man

Pastor Charles was a young man when he was posted to Sokoto, Nigeria in the 80’s to serve as a Youth Corper (one year obligatory youth service to the federal government). His plan was to complete the service and go to Lagos to join the wealthy peoples’ cult (The Ogboni’s). Upon his arrival in Sokoto, he was bombarded by a number of Christians trying to lure him into Christianity.  Being an introvert, he was always an easy target, instead of yielding to their wooing, he made fun of them, imitate them and try to lure them to share his vision of alcoholism, womanizing, partying and laying-about.


Approaching the final phase of his service, he was again visited by some of the Christians in Full Gospel Business Fellowship (FGBMFI) to attend their final outreach program; with much empathy for them, he followed them to the program. He made up his mind that he was just going to sit at the back of the auditorium and watch them perform. They had various activities, songs, testimonies, messages etc., Towards the end, they called all Christian youth corpers to the altar for corporate anointing and blessings to be passed on them by laying of hands. With his worldly lusts for power (anointing?), he joined the Christians, of about 10.


Amazingly, it behooved him to see himself standing with Christians, claiming to be one; he got intimidated spiritually by the pronouncement of the President of the FGBMFI that they have all been faithful in their services in the last 12 months. Intimidation turned to shame which led to tears and furthermore to conviction about his wickedness, which brought him to the altar. The Holy Spirit took over immediately to convict him for lying to take anointing.


The outpouring was overwhelming, and his eyes and ears were tuned to the messages they preached earlier on. He cried for forgiveness in the presence of all the real saints of God. (The crying was so much, the video man had to give him tissue – thinking he was crying because of his reluctance to depart). He called on Jesus for the forgiveness of his sins right there. After the prayer, he left for the bathroom and continued to cry – until he could cry no longer; then Jesus comforted him, and told him to go and sin no more, rather, to be fervent in Spirit and to never look back again.


The Call


Upon his arrival in Lagos, he searched for a living Church until he found The Deeper Life Bible Church. He was discipled in the Deeper Life Bible Church, and his zeal increased for the things of God. In 1993, he had been running his own business in Los Angeles, California, when he received the call to go out and witness for the Lord. With his wife, Francesca and her daughter, Sade, they started going out knocking on doors to tell people about the love of Christ, many were won to the Lord.


Other Christians started joining them on this soul-winning campaign, in 1994, he received the call into the ministry, and The Deeper Life Bible Church was planted in Los Angeles, California. Souls were added to the ministry, all races were brought to the knowledge of Christ, and the Gospel of Jesus continued to spread. They did a lot of street evangelism with Reverend Booker, and the work still continues.


In 1997, the Lord called him to plant Dios International Missionary Church. Yes, DIOS – it was the Lord’s choice. Pastor Charles had no idea what it meant because the Lord told him in a dream that the Church shall be called Dios International Missionary Church, when he awoke, he found out that DIOS meant GOD, hence the birth of DIOS.


The Lord has used Pastor Charles Fajinmi in diverse ways to preach the Gospel, minister healing and deliverance, and to disciple saints for the work of Christ.  Many have been won to the Lord by his messages.  His greatest compassion is “evangelism”, he has the true heart of a soul-winner, knocking on doors to preach the good news of the Gospel.  He is committed to the Lord, his congregation worldwide, and anyone that loves the Lord.  Pastor Charles is married to his childhood sweetheart – Francesca, and they are blessed with 3 children – Sade, Damilola and Bamidele, and one grandchild Olajide.

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